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Drug Trafficking  

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As a Canadian citizen, being found in possession of any drug that the CDSA has prohibited can result in criminal charges. The CDSA bans many drugs from possession in the country, including:

  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Ketamine
  • Oxycodone

If you are found in possession of any of the above drugs, as well as other prohibited substances, you could face serious charges. The best thing that you can do is discuss your charges with Phillip Motta and the team. With years of experience as a criminal defense attorney in Toronto, we can help you to fight the case.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Being accused of drug trafficking can be a scary experience. An accusation of drug trafficking means that you have been charged with selling, giving, or delivering banned substances to another individual. Even something as simple as buying marijuana for a friend or even passing them cannabis via a joint or vape could be considered as drug trafficking in Canada.

Even if the substance that you have given to someone is not an actual illicit drug – it could be something as simple as talcum powder – so long as the prosecutor can provide evidence that this was advertised as a narcotic, you can be accused of drug trafficking.

Can I Be Punished For Drug Trafficking In Toronto?

Yes, and the penalties can be extreme. Indeed, drug trafficking is one of the few crimes you can be accused of in Canada that comes with a maximum penalty – imprisonment for life. This is not a charge that you would want to take lightly.

Your punishment will be determined by a judge by looking at issues such as:

  • How many times you have trafficked these drug(s)
  • The type of drugs that you have been trafficking
  • Why the drugs were trafficked: organised crime etc.
  • Any use of violence or threats to traffic the drugs
  • The quantity of drugs both found and sold
  • Your legal history, including previous trafficking and criminal offences

However, it is likely that even the most minimal drug trafficking charge in Toronto, if proven, will bring a minimum of two years in prison.

Does Drug Trafficking Harm My Future?

Being accused and prosecuted for drug trafficking in Toronto will almost certainly have major consequences for the future. For one, you will have a criminal record; this will make gaining further employment more challenging, as well as obtaining licenses for vehicles and other extras.

It might also impact your ability to leave Canada, as well as prohibit you from being able to move to a new country due to the severity of a drug trafficking charge. If you are a non-resident of Toronto, drug trafficking is a serious enough offense that it could see you deported from the court.

Whatever the circumstances, facing a drug trafficking charge alone is not recommended. Instead, you should contact our specialists at the Motta Law Firm. We can provide you with the assistance you need to fight this charge and clear your name. Contact us today to discuss the charge(s) you face, and we can find the best way to combat this as your designated Toronto criminal attorney.

Contact us on 416-815-2121 today to discuss your situation, and we can look at the most effective ways to fight back against any drug trafficking claim against you.

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