Mota Law Firm


  • Business management services
  • Talent management and agency services
  • Film, Music, Fine Arts, Fashion, etc. production, collaboration, employment, and independent contractor / “work made for hire” agreements
  • Film and Music chain of title documents
  • Licensing, distribution, and other publishing agreements
  • Film distribution errors and omissions
  • Artist development / business coaching
  • Liability protection (waivers and policy creation)
  • Copyright and Trademarks
  • Film permits
  • Event Service Agreements (i.e. catering, videography,
  • Brand and intellectual property Protection and anti-counterfeiting
  • ACTRA/IATSE/CAEA/CFM union or labour relations dispute resolution
  • Sports & Dance, Personal injury waiver documents
  • Model / Performer Release and Indemnity Agreements
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