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Have you been accused of being involved in a theft in Toronto? Then contact the Mota Law Firm for help and advice on 416-815-2121.

Being accused of theft is both a serious legal case and an accusation that can bring extensive reputational damage. As one of the broadest categories of crime that you could be accused of committing, theft can become a deeply challenging crime to overcome. If you need legal support in fighting a theft case in Toronto, contact our team to hire a criminal defence attorney in Toronto.

What Is Theft?

Being accused of theft essentially means that you have stolen something that did not belong to you. It could be through a simple act of stealing something from a store, or it could come from a fraud scheme that has stolen goods, money, or identities from the affected individuals.

As a criminal lawyer in Toronto, we are used to seeing people tried for theft and have the experience needed to assist you in fighting your case.

What Is The Penalty For Theft In Toronto?

Theft can traditionally be broken down into two categories: above a value of $5,000 and below. Typically, a theft conviction under the $5,000 mark can see a sentence of up to two years in prison, but anything above the value of $5,000 can carry a sentence of up to ten years in prison for theft.

Theft brings both the chance for legal penalties and for reputational damage. Being accused of theft could make it hard to start a business, get a loan, and find employment. Regardless of who you are or your legal history, our team can help you to argue against a theft accusation in good faith.

We are used to dealing with theft, from small, petty crimes to extensive “white collar” crimes where the accused is suggested to have committed significant fraud. With our experience in handling the claims that come through in a fraud case, we can be the solution you need to clear your name once and for all.

Have You Been Accused Of Theft?

Our team has a history of helping to see theft claims overturned or reduced through tactical planning. From providing full restitution to ensuring the evidence can be seen as unreliable, we do everything we can to make sure that your theft accusation is taken for what it is.

Let us work with you to come up with a defence that makes sense and ensure that your rights are not infringed during the case. From working towards a decision of factual innocence to using a defence of honest but mistaken belief, we will find the best ways to fight your case on your behalf.

Contact us today to discuss your case and the situation that is unfolding. Once we understand the facts of the matter, our team can work with you to come up with a plan of action to reduce the penalties faced or, hopefully, overturn the case entirely.

Speak with a member of the Mota Law Firm at 416-815-2121 today. Once we understand your case, we ensure that a plan is put in place to fight the case and clear your name or reduce the severity of the verdict.

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