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If you find yourself accused of an assault in Toronto, it is vital that you take this very seriously. An accusation of assault can be life-changing for the worse. It could leave you with a black mark on your criminal record, making it harder to gain everything from access to other countries to employment in Toronto. As a criminal defense attorney in Toronto, our role is to represent you during an assault case.

Assault charges are harrowing to go through for all involved. There are many ways in which an accusation of assault can go, and it means that both victim and accused have a long, arduous legal battle ahead of them. While every assault charge will be taken on its own merits, the penalties for being found guilty of assault can be damaging.

What Is Assault In Toronto?

Assault is a charge that is used when you have either threatened to physically assault someone or you have carried out the threat. Assault charges mean that you have committed physical harm to someone without their prior consent. You do not have to hurt someone for an assault charge to be brought up – even a simple push or the use of threatening language can be enough to make the charge stick.

Most forms of assault will see you charged either for summary assault or indictable assault. Summary assaults are less serious and tend to be processed by a judge quicker and without the need for a criminal trial. It is unlikely for a summary conviction to lead to jail time, but it can still look bad on your record.

By contrast, indictable assault convictions will see you undergo a court challenge. This means that you are more likely to receive a serious penalty if convicted, which could include but is not limited to time spent in prison in Toronto.

As a Toronto criminal defence lawyer, we can help you argue against any assault charges you face.

Other Forms Of Assault

Assault comes in many forms, ranging from the ‘simple’ assault mentioned above to assaults such as aggravated assault and domestic assault. Aggravated assaults can produce prison sentences of 10+ years, with a maximum of up to 14 years in prison if found guilty. Aggravated assault likely means that there was serious physical damage incurred during the assault, or even the risk of death.

Domestic assault is a crime that can be serious for a resident of Toronto or the state of Ontario. Domestic assault can have serious penalties attached to the crime itself, but also your bail conditions. Even if the victim has no desire to take you to court for the incidents, you can face extremely limiting conditions, such as being unable to contact your loved ones.

Lastly, sexual assault is a serious crime to be accused of. It can include anything from an 18-month stint in prison to a spell of 10 years if found to be a severe form of sexual assault.

Have You Been Accused Of Assault In Toronto?

If you face this charge, then this is not something that you should ignore or take lightly. A charge for assault of any kind in Toronto is not to be ignored. Professional advice and legal representation is essential to fighting this charge to either clear your name or limit the potential for legal damage.

Contact the team at Motta Law Firm today to discuss your assault accusation. Once in possession of the facts, we can help you to build a case to mitigate the impact this could have on you personally and professionally.

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