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Human Trafficking  

Have you been accused of human trafficking offences in Toronto? Do not hesitate to contact the Mota Law Firm at 416-815-2121 to discuss your situation and get support.

Of all the crimes that you could be accused of, human trafficking is among the most severe. Being accused of such a charge is something that you will need help from via a Toronto criminal defence attorney. The team at Mota Law Firm can help you build a case to argue against any accusations of human trafficking offences.

What Are Human Trafficking Offences?

A human trafficking offence relates to the idea that you have recruited someone or moved them elsewhere for the purpose of exploiting them. This could involve moving people to work for little or no money, forcing people to work within the sex industry, or similar.

The severity of the charges against you is determined by various factors. However, being caught in any circumstance where you have transported or moved a person with the purpose of exploiting them can result in an accusation of human trafficking. These offences can result in long-term prison time, and they can also result in reputational damage that is almost impossible to recover from.

As a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto, we can represent you during any human trafficking offences that you have been accused of. Reach out to us today to discuss the claims against you, and we will do everything that we can to assist you in coming out of this harrowing experience.

What Is The Punishment For Human Trafficking Offences?

It depends on what you have been accused of doing. If you have been found to knowingly traffic someone with the intent of benefitting directly or indirectly from their exploitation, you could face an offence. These punishments can become more severe if you have moved someone who is under the age of 18.

Punishment for human trafficking offences is often significant, but it can determine what you have done, which secondary offences you have committed, and the age of the person(s) involved. Even for minor human trafficking offences, you could be facing a hefty fine of up to $5,000 and a maximum of two years in prison. For more severe cases, though, human trafficking can result in several years in prison.

However, trafficking an individual under the age of 18 can bring a maximum term of life in prison. Therefore, the penalties that you can face range from extensive financial fines to life in prison. Therefore, it would be wise to take any claims against you regarding human trafficking offences very seriously.

Have You Been Accused Of Human Trafficking Offences In Toronto?

If you have been accused of human trafficking, it would be wise to contact a trusted criminal attorney in Toronto right away. Contact the Mota Law Firm team on 416-815-2121, and we can discuss what your potential defences could be.

We could argue various disputes, from factual innocence to duress and violation of charter rights. There are several ways that we can work together to defend you from the claims against you. However, the sooner you speak to us, the better. As soon as we understand your situation, we can build a case to help dispute the severity of your punishment or, better yet, retrieve an acquittal.

Contact us today to discuss your case. If you have been accused of human trafficking offences, this is not something to fight on your own. Bring in our legal expertise to have a better chance of beating the accusations and clearing your name accordingly.

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