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Accused of fraud in Toronto? Then do not face this claim on your own. Contact Phillip Motta and our team today at 416-815-2121 to discuss how to combat this accusation.

Fraud is one of the most damaging things that you can be accused of as a citizen of Toronto. As a criminal defense attorney in Toronto, we have witnessed the damage and impact that a fraud accusation can have on a person. To help you overcome this accusation, contact the team at the Motta Law Firm to discuss what options you have available to you.

Call us at 416-815-2121 to discuss the fraud accusation(s) you face.

What Is Fraud In Toronto?

Many assume that fraud requires actual property theft to be accused of fraud – that is not true. Fraud can be an accusation made if you have tricked or attempted to trick someone into giving you information or possessions you should not have.

This could be anything from their keys or bank details to their car, money, or anything else that does not belong to you. In Ontario law, fraud is usually broken down into two phases – fraud that exceeds $5,000 in value and fraud underneath $5,000 in value.

What Types Of Fraud Are There?

Fraud comes in many different forms, as the term is a catch-all for any form of illicit retrieval of possessions or information you should not have. However, other forms of fraud can include, but are not limited to:

Identity Fraud

Identity fraud will see you use data to defraud a business or individual under the guise of being someone else. Identity fraud often means misrepresenting yourself as someone else to make purchases, retrieve items, etc.

Asset Fraud

Asset fraud is a serious accusation and is often aimed at business owners. However, anyone can be accused of asset fraud if it is believed that you have generated false expenses that never took place in a way to defraud an individual or business, including the state.

Insurance Fraud

If you have exaggerated the cost of damage to an item that you own, such as your home or car, then insurance fraud could be held against you. This includes defrauding the insurer to get a higher payout than you would have gotten otherwise.

Financial Fraud

From having someone send you money under false pretenses to using someone else’s credit/card card to pay for goods, financial fraud means finding ways to get your hands on money or methods of payment which are not your own and would be denied to you otherwise.

What Is The Punishment For Fraud In Toronto?

Fraud under a $5,000 valuation can see you tried in a criminal or civil case. Civil cases will simply see you sued to return the items you have been accused of taking from the person and to pay for any of the damage that has been done by defrauding that person.

Criminal fraud cases, though, are likely to involve a criminal trial and will require the help and assistance of a criminal attorney in Toronto to successfully argue against. Criminal fraud can see you lose any possessions or goods you have defrauded, as well as see you face huge penalties. You could even go to jail if the fraud is severe enough. This could be as long as two years in prison.

On top of this, all forms of fraud can come with massive reputational damage. This could make finding employment, starting a business, getting a mortgage or a loan etc. much more challenging than it would be otherwise.

Both forms of fraud should be taken seriously as an accusation. Do not assume that this will all blow over or that there has been a misunderstanding. With the right support from the team at Motta Law Firm, we can give you a better chance of overcoming these accusations.

What Should I Do If I Am Accused Of Fraud In Toronto?

What you should not do is simply hope for the best, nor should you represent yourself. Even in a civil fraud case, we would suggest that you contact the Motta Law Firm as soon as possible. Once we are aware of the challenges that you are about to face, we can ensure you get the help and support that you need. We can represent you or provide you with support in building a plan to face this potential issue.

Do not simply assume that the threat of a fraud accusation will blow over. Speak to us today about your case, and we can give you a detailed understanding of what we can do to help you plan your defence.

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