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Public Mischief

Have you been charged with public mischief in Toronto? Contact the Motta Law Firm at 416-815-2121 for a criminal defense attorney in Toronto you can trust!

While being charged for public mischief might sound like a light demeanor, it can be more serious than you first assume. At Motta Law Firm, public mischief can be a damaging accusation that could impact your future career prospects and reputation.

If you are facing a charge of public mischief, you should not face this alone. Instead, contact Motta Law Firm today at 416-815-2121 for help from a proven, reputable criminal defense attorney in Toronto.

What Is Public Mischief In Toronto?

Public mischief often revolves around having a member of the Toronto Police engage in an investigation that is intentionally misleading or a waste of police time. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • Making false accusations against someone either to harm someone or remove suspicion
  • Reporting an offense that has not taken place, either in the way described or at all
  • Reporting a false death about an individual when that person has not died
  • Making false statements either about an incident or an individual the police are investigating

Being accused of public mischief is more than a misdemeanor. It can have pretty gravy consequences for your long-term future. This law stops people from making false accusations against others, and from wasting police time. This stops police officers wasting resources, and stops people from being put under the spotlight when they have done nothing wrong.

Of course, not every charge of public mischief in Toronto is correct. If you believe that you have been incorrectly accused, or you wish to contest the severity of the charge, you need legal counsel.

What Is The Punishment For Public Mischief?

You might be surprised to know that public mischief can carry time in prison, up to a maximum of five years for severe public mischief accusations. However, with every case being different, there is no set in stone punishment that will be provided for this kind of action. Each case will be reviewed by the prosecution based in the facts at hand. Do not assume, though, that you will get off lightly.

Contact legal support to help you make sure that any public mischief accusations are taken seriously and, if possible, can be proven to be incorrect.

How Is Public Mischief Proven?

The prosecutor has to be able to provide evidence that you have committed a public mischief offense. This means showing proof that you have given a wilfully false statement, misled law enforcement, corrected a false offense, and/or gave the police reason to continue an investigation that should have stopped.

How Do I Fight Against A Charge Of Public Mischief In Toronto?

The law enforcement have to show that you either misled the police or that your actions caused the police to be deceived. If there is no proof that you have committed a public mischief act or that the law was misled, then you could be acquitted of the crime entirely.

If you believe that you have been wrongly accused of this action, then you want to have someone involved to help you prove that. The Motta Law Firm team will happily represent you in any public mischief accusation in Toronto. Contact us today to discuss the situation, and we can take a close look at what options are available to you.

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