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Being accused of a robbery in Toronto can be a challenging accusation to overcome. Contact us today on 416-815-2121 to discuss what your best options are.

If you have been accused of being involved in a robbery in Toronto, you could be facing serious charges. Robberies in Toronto are one of the most severe accusations that can be held against you and could impact your life, your freedom, and your reputation. The consequences of being accused and convicted of robbery are long-standing and could see you face a difficult future.

At the Mota Law Firm, our job is to help you face off against these accusations of robbery. As a specialist in providing Toronto criminal defence, we can give you the help and support you need to combat these charges as vigorously as possible.

What Is Robbery?

The act of robbery can hold many definitions. It can be something from hitting someone and stealing their smartphone to robbing a store with a firearm. It could even be a heist. There are many forms of theft, attempted or completed, that can bring serious penalties to you in many ways. Being accused of robbery is a serious crime, and a failure to properly fight your case could see you face time in prison.

Robberies involve the theft of anything that does not belong to you, made worse if there has been use of violence to an individual or their property. Even assaulting someone with the intent to rob them can be a serious crime to be accused of.

Robberies are a long-running and challenging legal case that often involves detention and then a custodial sentence. It is extremely rare for a robbery to be dealt with in the civil courts.

What Is The Punishment For Robbery?

It depends on what you are accused of and how severe the situation was. As a criminal defence lawyer in Toronto, we have seen various punishments doled out over the years. Robberies at the most severe end of the scale can be met with a lifetime in prison, though.

The jury and judge will determine the severity of your sentence, if convicted, based on various factors. This includes the individual that was robbed, the value of the robbery, any injuries or damage caused to the person or their property, the level of violence used, and how the robbery took place, i.e. were firearms used?

Robbery can bring time in prison, yes, but it can also result in serious implications to your reputation. Finding a job, obtaining an immigration visa, travelling abroad, etc., can all become almost impossible with a robbery accusation hanging over you. The reputational damage to you, your family, and your business prospects can be irreparable.

Therefore, it is vital that you fight against any accusation of robbery with the best possible response. As a proven and experienced criminal attorney in Toronto, the Mota Law Firm can help you draw up a plan of action to help you contest this accusation.

Call us today at 416-815-2121 so that we can establish the facts of the matter. Once we understand the situation and the severity of the claim against you, we can build a response to be heard in the courts when your time comes. With our help, you stand a better chance of overcoming the consequences of a robbery or, hopefully, walk away from the courts as a free individual.

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