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Firearm Offences

Being accused of firearm offences in Toronto? Then, let us help you navigate this complex legal situation by contacting us on 416-815-2121 to discuss.

If you have been accused of using a firearm in Toronto, then you could be facing a pretty significant legal battle. Weapons and firearms offences are serious accusations that will require you to mount a legal defence. If you need help in doing so, contact the Mota Law Firm to discuss your Toronto criminal defence options. Once we understand the accusations against you, we can help you to build a plan of action to help clear your name or reduce the severity of the penalties that you might face.

What Are Firearms Offences?

A firearms offence can be a multifaceted accusation. Simply being found with an unlicensed firearm in your possession can be serious enough; using that firearm in public or, worse, using that firearm on someone could lead to serious legal punishments.

Canadian and Ontario law states that it is illegal to carry a weapon for any dangerous purpose. In fact, even simply carrying a weapon that has not been licensed – including concealed carrying – is usually an offence. Unless this weapon is discovered on you through an illegal search order, it is likely that you could face serious charges for its discovery.

As a proven criminal defence lawyer in Toronto, we can help you to fight back against this serious charge. Do not delay in contacting us if you have been accused of using firearms in any way, shape, or form.

What Is The Punishment Of A Firearm Offence In Toronto?

This is one of the broadest laws in Ontario law, making the punishment you might face hard to decipher. What your punishment consists of can be determined by whether or not your weapon is non-restricted, restricted, or prohibited, as well as what the firearm was used for. Please note, though, that in Canada, there is no law for carrying a firearm in self-defence.

The punishment that you can receive will vary from a fine to potential time in prison. Being accused of a firearms offence that is proven could also limit you from obtaining a firearms license in the past, as well as prohibit you from traveling abroad, working in certain industries, and various other liberties.

Firearms offences do not come with a flat sentence in prison, as each incident will be taken with the facts in hand. Therefore, the more serious the offence, and the more serious the incident with the firearm, the more severe your punishment could be.

Have You Been Accused Of Firearms Offences In Toronto?

If you have been accused of firearms offences, ranging from carrying a weapon you should not have been carrying to using a firearm, then you need to hire a criminal attorney in Toronto. This is one of the most serious accusations that can be made against you, making it imperative that you argue your case accordingly.

If you have been accused of firearm offences in Toronto, contact us today at 416-815-2121. Once we understand what you have been accused of, we can help you to come up with a solution to help either have the offence acquitted or to help lessen the potential for punishment.

Once we understand what you have bene accused of, we can ensure that you have the right advice so that you can fight this charge accordingly. Contact us today to discuss your situation; once we better understand these firearm offences, we can make the right choice in terms of what argument could be used in a Toronto court of law to help disprove or mitigate the accusations.

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